Senior NPI Project Manager

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Position Title: Senior NPI Project Manager
Functional Group: Manufacturing Engineering, Production, and Materials
Reports To: VP of New Product Introduction
Employment Status: Full Time, Exempt


The position of the Senior New Product Introduction (NPI) Project Manager is directly responsible for managing both new and existing projects under NPI Product Development and Manufacturing Transfer processes while ensuring project schedules, project budgets, product cost, product performance, and regulatory compliance metrics achieve Client requirements.


NPI Functional Group Ownership- 50% 

Accountable to ensure that the assigned projects are initiated once proposal is signed, purchase order received, and project deposit is obtained. Management of project(s) will include ownership of project schedule, project budget, project regulatory compliance, product performance, product cost, product quality, and acting client point of contact throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Lead, Manage, Develop, and Hold Accountable- 20% 

Accountable to coach functional team members and less experienced functional group members pertaining to Project Management to grow their capability, skill sets, and ensure quality of projects and client service for the organization.  

Continuous Improvement, Work Documentation, and Procedure Development- 15% Accountable to lead, co-create, disseminate, continuously develop, and maintain core processes (i.e., SOPs, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Work Instructions) that will ensure team member safety, regulatory compliance, efficiency, quality, and innovation.   

Client/Customer Service- 10%

Accountable for supporting client communication, engagement, project conveyance, conflict resolution, and responsiveness for all NPI projects to assure overall client satisfaction relating to functional group processes.

Business Development and Marketing Support- 5%

Accountable to support business development and marketing activities through promotion of company reputation, company services, and proposal development to ensure a healthy project pipeline.


NPI Functional Group Ownership- 50% 

  • Work directly with VP of NPI to achieve NPI functional group objectives, budget, and schedule on a 1-, 3-, and 5-year timeline in a weekly NPI Operating System (OS) meeting.
  • Support PLS NPI Operating System functional group objectives, ensuring synergies and communication of direction are aligned with Leadership group.
  • Perform NPI Product Development core process that includes design project deliverables, design documents, design compliance, best management practices, and adherence to standard operating procedures to ensure Client value is achieved.
  • Perform NPI Manufacturing Transfer core process that includes process project deliverables, process documents, process compliance, best management practices, and adherence to standard operating procedures to ensure Client value is achieved.
  • Conduct research via market trends, sales, materials, etc., to support Business Development with recommendations for new capabilities and competencies.
  • Ensure all client projects receive approval, modifications, or denial from VP of NPI prior to proposal submittal.  Ensure mutual NDA execution, proposal signoff, and deposit are received before handoff to project team.
  • Communicate status of client project schedule, budget, product cost, and product performance metrics to VP of NPI and Business Development.
  • Act as Subject Matter Expert (SME) and knowledge base representative to other functional group staff.
  • Implement root cause analysis of product/process/project issue and understand /calculate cost of scope of work changes.
  • Perform and maintain project reporting, ensuring changes and demands are viable for project managers and operations prior to client communication.
  • Maintain a high level of inclusion, urgency, collaboration, and feedback with clients in a consistent and fair manner. 

Lead, Manage, Develop, and Hold Accountable- 20% 

  • Maintain the organizations values by role modeling and coaching desired behaviors.
  • Manage reporting functional team members through open door policy, providing real time feedback on performance and areas of improvement. 
  • Conduct quarterly performance evaluations with VP of NPI and direct report team members (as assigned) and ensure that all associates have a performance improvement/personal development plan to improve functional group’s overall performance.
  • Work with the VP of NPI on recruitment, hiring, development, evaluation, promotion, and termination of team members in accordance with human resources policies.
  • Support consistent training for team members to develop skill sets, capabilities, and mobility related to job functions and related interests. 
  • Monitor, audit, and receive feedback from both team members and training representatives to ensure proficiency of training content and direct implementation.

Continuous Improvement, Work Documentation, and Procedure Development- 15% 

  • Create, maintain, and continuously develop formal ‘best practices’ for functional group processes and procedures, using adjoining appropriate, applicable team members. ‘Best practices’ can include quality of documentation, regulatory compliance, design for manufacturability, and functional group procedures and practices. 
  • Periodically review and edit, if necessary, standard operating procedures, job aids, training material, and visual instructions to ensure they are up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive.
  • Ensure that improvement(s) such as instructions, methods, and processes are reviewed and approved with collaboration with the Head of Quality Assurance, Head of Operations, and Head of Business Development.

Client/Customer Service – 10%

  • Act as a liaison between clients and other functional groups within the company, internally providing education of client expectations and prioritizing customer service practices. 
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the clients’ position in the market, their product, points of difference and competitive landscape, ensuring level of trust from client is in optimal standings. 
  • Disseminate knowledge of client products to team members, solidifying client interests and needs are at forefront of team members actions. 
  • Perform project manager weekly minutes and progress reports for accuracy, level of detail, and clarity of accomplishment, issue, decisions, and project metrics.

Business Development and Marketing Support- 5%

  • Support business development activities such as trade shows and industry events through research, attending, and pitching business model to potential Clients to ensure a steady Client lead pipeline.


Initiative and Innovation: 

  • Challenge the Status Quo: we seek to understand existing processes, consider ideas, and propose solutions with a bias for action.

Positive Collaboration: 

  • Be Humble: we acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses, seek feedback from others, and approach challenges with an open mind.
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills: we are approachable, build relationships by actively listening to others, and gain new perspectives.

Adaptability and Reliability: 

  • Embrace Change: we adapt quickly to evolving circumstances and adjust plans proactively with an open mindset.
  • Growth Mindset: we embrace challenges and are persistent in the face of setbacks.

Commitment to Excellence: 

  • Quality of Service: we uphold a high standard of quality with attention to detail and focus on client and patient needs.

Accountability and Ownership: 

  • Honor Commitments: we consistently fulfill promises and communicate transparently when challenges arise.
  • Integrity: we uphold ethical principles and foster a trustworthy environment

Continuous Learning: 

  • Coachable/Trainable: we promote and engage in ongoing professional development, actively seek opportunities for learning, and encourage inter-company mentorship.

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