Prospect Life Sciences (PLS) is a Colorado company, established to provide product development and quality system management consulting for the medical device start-up community. We have now expanded our capabilities to include manufacturing process development and small volume cleanroom production.  Our associates have on average 15 years of experience in medical device design, development, manufacturing, and distribution from roles with start-ups to large enterprises, VC-backed to Fortune 500.

Whether you are engaged in initial design, implementing design control, product design changes, clinical trials, or limited commercial release, we have you covered.


At Prospect Life Sciences we love developing new devices and new manufacturing processes.

We created Prospect to meet the need of providing a full service facility that manages all details within product realization, beyond what independent consulting can offer.

Throughout our careers we have experienced the highs of achieving a product lunch.  Although some failures are to be expected, we did not want poor engineering, management, or inefficient implementation of a compliant quality system to be one of those failure modes.

This is why we offer outsourcing services that range from quality system management, product development,  manufacturing, clinical investigation, and distribution. 

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